The Pakistan football team was born in 2015 from the request of three young men to the European Research Institute: “Here we are, Pakistani who love football more than cricket. Can you help us?” It was the eve of the Balon Mundial and thanks to the commitment of the association (and of the young men) a whole team was made in a couple of days, and an extraordinarily quick and effective fundraising activity allowed to buy the team uniforms. Steady, ready, go…to the competition “for foreigners” more prestigious of Turin.

The results on the field were certainly not positive, but it was a baptism of fire; now the group has reformed, by expanding the social mix that existed since the beginning, since it was a friendly dispute against refugees of other nationalities or against the psychics disabled for which the social services of the City of Turin were in charge. Part of the “new” team are the Pakistani, but also university students, non educated young men and refugees.

The association has signed a partnership with the amateur sports association Unicorno style, thanks to which they can use the football field “Regaldi” once a week to work out. But above all, the agonistic activity started again: the Pakistan team was enrolled by European Research Institute to the 12th tournament Con gli altri, where it will play against Senegal, Morocco and other teams. The first results were finally comforting, but the goal is in the medium term: “Win tomorrow”, meaning taking part in the next edition of Balon Mundial, with the declared purpose of… score at least one goal!

O.N.D.E. - UWC

O.N.D.E. – UWC – Optimization for Networked Data in Envinronmental Urban Waste Collection –  is a pilot project funded by the Piedmont Region. It is the result of the collaboration between European Research Institute, Politecnico di Torino, the CDU services (company specialized in waste management services, active in 17 municipalities in the Turin hinterland), Moltosenso and Nord Engineering companies. Eri has especially contributed to the design and the communication of the project. The purpose of the project is to reorganize the collection of waste in urban areas by involving citizens together with the company that provides the service and the administrations, through the use of technology (see the video presentation of O.N.D.E. – UWC: In particular, three application software have been developed. They allow:

  • the citizens of 17 municipalities to know all the waste collection points located in the territory, the timing of the recovery services door-to-door and the position of vehicles dedicated to the pick up;
  • the company that provides the collection service to receive information on the state of filling of bins;
  • the administrations to monitor the activities and assess the use of funds allocated to them.

The project started in July 2015 and is still ongoing.


The Decatastrophize project (Decat) was launched in February 2016 following the partnership between various European actors (European Research Institute, Cyprus University of Technology, Ciprus Civil Defense, Bureau de Recherches et géologiques Minières, Foundation for Research & Technology, Technical University of Crete, Geoview system Ltd., GeoSolutions, Universidad de Alcalá) united by one goal: manage and prevent environmental risks through the implementation of common systems aiming to alert and secure the citizens in case of natural calamities (such as floods or earthquakes) or man-made disasters. Decat intends to adopt a single common platform, resulting from the combination of different computer systems with geolocation, able to raise the alarm quickly in case of emergency, in order to allow the adoption of immediate decisions and the intervention of Civil Defense. Indeed, a common operational framework has the advantage of simplifying the cooperative planning and helping improve the response to dangerous situations. The use of such systems will be field-tested through simulations that will be conducted in six member States. By carrying out the project, ERI has worked with the Civil Defense of the Province of Alessandria, the Sardinia Region and the Municipality of Vittoria (Ragusa, Sicily).

O.N.D.E. – UWC

O.N.D.E. – UWC – Optimization for Networked Data in Envinronmental Urban Waste Collection –  è un progetto sperimentale finanziato dalla Regione Piemonte, che rappresenta il risultato della collaborazione fra European Research Institute, il Politecnico di Torino, la Cdu servizi (società specializzata in servizi di igiene urbana, attiva in 17 comuni dell’hinterland torinese) e le aziende Moltosenso e Nord Engineering. ERI, in particolare, ha contribuito alla progettazione e si è occupata della comunicazione del progetto. Lo scopo è quello di riorganizzare la raccolta dei rifiuti in ambito urbano coinvolgendo i cittadini, l’azienda che eroga il servizio e le amministrazioni, grazie all’utilizzo…