The Decatastrophize project (Decat) was launched in February 2016 following the partnership between various European actors (European Research Institute, Cyprus University of Technology, Ciprus Civil Defense, Bureau de Recherches et géologiques Minières, Foundation for Research & Technology, Technical University of Crete, Geoview system Ltd., GeoSolutions, Universidad de Alcalá) united by one goal: manage and prevent environmental risks through the implementation of common systems aiming to alert and secure the citizens in case of natural calamities (such as floods or earthquakes) or man-made disasters. Decat intends to adopt a single common platform, resulting from the combination of different computer systems with geolocation, able to raise the alarm quickly in case of emergency, in order to allow the adoption of immediate decisions and the intervention of Civil Defense. Indeed, a common operational framework has the advantage of simplifying the cooperative planning and helping improve the response to dangerous situations. The use of such systems will be field-tested through simulations that will be conducted in six member States. By carrying out the project, ERI has worked with the Civil Defense of the Province of Alessandria, the Sardinia Region and the Municipality of Vittoria (Ragusa, Sicily).