The European Research Institute is the ideal partner of projects based on different European programmes and lines of intervention, through its 8 departments.

Specifically: Programme Med, Alcotra, Isec, DG justice, Progress, Hercules, Erasmus plus, Alpine Space, Refugee, Horizon 2020, Creative Europe, IEE, CIP, LIFE+, Europaid and all the lines of intervention promoted by the European Commission.

1. Department Biology, Biochemistry and Environment.

2. Department of ICT and Smart technologies.

3. Department of Culture, Media and Archaeology.

4. Department of Transportation – Aviation, Automotive and Mechatronics.

5. Department of Political and Economic studies and analysis

6. Department of Social Studies, social smart communities and inclusion, international cooperation, work.

7. Mountain Department – prevention of risks, protection of the territory and smart communities.

8. Maritime Department and Biodiversity.