European Research Institute Hungary is a non-profit company that aims to promote research for innovation in practise for science and society. Our goal is to improve the economic, health, education and cultural conditions of European citizens, and advocate respect for the environment, land and living beings through the activities. The organisation promotes Non-Profit Social Solidarity through scientific research and innovative practical solutions. In 2016 European Research Institute founded a subsidiary non-profit company in Hungary with the same entity and vision, we target to act for the well-being of the citizens in Europe through scientific and societal activities.

ERI HUNGARY uses all possible and legal instruments to reach, its goals of:

  • social and scientific research activities among target groups
  • wide spread researches and applications for supporting societal and cultural objectives, and the amelioration of scientific environment
  • developing and managing strategic and innovation projects
  • enhancing cooperation of professional actors from public, private and civil organizations
  • supporting activities and knowledge sharing
  • involving and actively practising scientific research activities
  • supporting new horizons for social workers, teachers and trainers
  • innovative ways and methods for life-long learning
  • supporting opportunities for people with difficulties, disabilities, disadvantages
  • sharing experiences, building cooperation between relevant partners from all fields, in national and international environments
  • collecting and sharing best practises and project results
  • researches in EU and outside among organizations, bodies, civil society and among the target group population
  • supporting living and working conditions and needs.

EUROPEAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE HUNGARY – 1021 Budapest, Kuruclesi út 51/b. 2/8 – Tel: +36 306 475 475 – Contatti: