The Pakistan football team was born in 2015 from the request of three young men to the European Research Institute: “Here we are, Pakistani who love football more than cricket. Can you help us?” It was the eve of the Balon Mundial and thanks to the commitment of the association (and of the young men) a whole team was made in a couple of days, and an extraordinarily quick and effective fundraising activity allowed to buy the team uniforms. Steady, ready, go…to the competition “for foreigners” more prestigious of Turin.

The results on the field were certainly not positive, but it was a baptism of fire; now the group has reformed, by expanding the social mix that existed since the beginning, since it was a friendly dispute against refugees of other nationalities or against the psychics disabled for which the social services of the City of Turin were in charge. Part of the “new” team are the Pakistani, but also university students, non educated young men and refugees.

The association has signed a partnership with the amateur sports association Unicorno style, thanks to which they can use the football field “Regaldi” once a week to work out. But above all, the agonistic activity started again: the Pakistan team was enrolled by European Research Institute to the 12th tournament Con gli altri, where it will play against Senegal, Morocco and other teams. The first results were finally comforting, but the goal is in the medium term: “Win tomorrow”, meaning taking part in the next edition of Balon Mundial, with the declared purpose of… score at least one goal!