Six entities working in the social field started cooperating to build a little good thing. “Good” in every way: environmental, social, urban and, of course, literal, this one regarding the flavour.
OrtiAlti Association has installed greenhouses and plantations on the roofs of Fonderie Ozanam, an ancient factory where the cooperative Meeting Service conducts its training activities (as well as the restaurant); part of the the same complex is Casa Ozanam, the hostel where the European Research Institute hosts young Pakistan asylum seekers, beneficiaries of the project “Welcome”.

The synergy between these actors has been enriched by the intervention of the Association GAPS. Thanks to GAPS, and through ENAIP Piemonte, three internships have been financed for three guests of the hostel. Two of them will work with OrtiAlti: one – with a long experience as a farmer gained in Pakistan – will take care of the crops, while the second one (who is graduating at Politecnico di Torino) will be devoted to the organization and supervision of the work.

A ghanaian asylum seeker will work – after a proper training – with bees, managing the beehives, up to obtain the honey, a product characterized by great yield and quality.

The project, promoted by European Research Institute, has many facets: a former factory is devoted to agriculture, a piece of neighborhood reborns through an activity now far from the thoughts and eyes of those who are born and grows in the cities. It’s not by chance that the aim of the project is to ensure that the OrtiAlti will be visited soon and that playful-learning activities will be implemented.