The Project of  Ecoeducation and New Sociabilities (P.E.N.SO.) – presented within the call “Fatto per bene” published by Compagnia di San Paolo – is the result of a partnership involving the European Research Institute, the Social Services of Turin’s District 1, the Office of External criminal enforcement (UEPE) and the Regional Agency for the House of Central Piedmont (ATC), in cooperation with Ufficio Pio (an organization specialized in community volunteering, that works in partnership with Compagnia di San Paolo).
The project was launched at the beginning of 2014 and is still ongoing.

Through the recruitment of individuals belonging to certain categories (former prisoners, asylum seekers registered at the employment center, disadvantaged people reported by social services) the initiative aims to launch a service focused on making council housing interventions and handling of furniture and recycled furniture: they will be reallocated in favor of the applicants on the basis of the information provided by the social services; low-income individuals can benefit from these services for free, by making a specific request.
The P.E.N.SO. project wants to give local families and networks the opportunity to share resources and expertise by enabling synergies, in addition to promoting a fertile dialogue between civil society, social institutions and services.

The ultimate goal is to tackle the various forms of poverty that affect the quality of life of disadvantaged people, by responding to the contraction of resources devoted to the welfare system following the economic crisis that have struck the country.
The project also aims to grant one more social integration chance and job opportunity to disadvantaged people reported by social services, including ex detainees.