The European project WASTECOSMART – Optimisation of Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategies for the Maximisation of Resource Efficiency – started in 2013 and involves six European countries (Sweden, England, Holland, Hungary, Cyprus and Italy) and three non-European partners: Brazil, Mexico and India.

The goal is defining innovative methods aimed to an efficient management of the waste cycle in the acceding countries, through cooperation, research and technological development in the field of waste disposal.

Given the waste in Europe of the 60% of 3 billion tonnes of garbage, which are landfilled or disposed through incineration, it is necessary to change strategy in order to save resources, limiting the impact on the climate and the environment.

That’s why it is important to spread, throughout the continent, the waste management approaches and good practices, but also to promote transnational cooperation and support to the most backward regions in waste management.